Friday, August 5, 2016

Norbert's Big Dream by Lori Degman, illustrated by Marco Bucci

Norbert was a pig with a dream.
Since he was a wee piglet, Norbert dreamed
of swimming the English Channel.

While most pigs are happy to roll around in the mud and eat slop, Norbert is a little pig with a very big dream! While the other pigs are doing most pig-centric activities, Norbert always has his dream in mind. When he announces that he is going to swim the English Channel, the other pigs snicker and snort, sure that he will not succeed. But Norbert is so determined, it doesn’t matter that the English Channel…is nowhere in sight. In one of my favorite illustration spreads of the book, it shows the little pig squeezing into a pair of yellow polka dotted swim trunks, a swim cap and goggles, and he yells, “Which way to the English Channel?” With a little help from his friends, he does end up swimming a channel, and following his dream.

Read the interview with author Lori Degman! 

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